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Life in Mathare - Kenya, Africa, February 2010
SaleswomenChecking the pigLearningMathare Slums in Nairobi, Kenya. 500,000 people live here.Slums along a streamWee bit too much to drink...Streets of AfricaDoing it his wayAmazing looksThe Christian Ambassador's Mission FellowshipRound the blockJoy ShopThe things we doCrossingWashing upCorruption Free ZoneKerosene PumpShopping streetPlazaLaying pipesLet me fix thatCorporate ManSo yeahA sewer in Mathare, KenyaTilyProtectedFish for saleSun's HotSmilesJomka Furniture EnterprisesJesus is LordYes, I will try!Slums along a streamWhere they dry their clothesYEZZURRGlory Driving SchoolMany barrelsStorage roomBamboo ChopperSharpenerSlumsGreat African TailorMama Dan Dress making and CerealsAfter a fight between two drunk women.Tire centerSpiritual GuyChemistWhazaaapKids bathingA stream in the slumsShoes for saleSoda timeChoppingNah aahKid getting hair doneEggs at WholesaleProtectionUniformsHangover dayF UWaitingApple MarketWhere we keep our shoesHotel NowInspiration CentreBenjaz Photo StudioProud brotherMy areaKids in the slums of Mathare  kenya,nairobi,mathare,mathare valley,afrika,africa,afryka,mathare village,slum,bidonville,shanty,shantytown,pangani,elendsviertel,poverty,streetkids,kids,street,peopleWhere is da coin?!Lots of washToo big a skirtCooking dinnerThe Blue SweaterGotta go...ExtentionsShavingAngry eyesThe corporate guyPlastic flower salesmanHousecatYep.Getting a taxiPolo SportGoing somewhereGotta go...The art of extendingVegetables for saleQueens Salon

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Henny Boogert (1962) began in 1983 with his specialization in photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Many years and photos later he now targets corporate, estate and virtual tours photography. Henny Boogert is a certified Google Business Photo photographer.

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