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Life in Mumbai, India 2011
Metal worker on the street in MumbaiPopular bikesA streetBeing watchedHey!Candy shopMetal worker on the street in MumbaiCarrierRoyal EnfieldPlatesFactoryAt the barber shopCorrectingFour feetDecayCommutingRecyclingUntitledCane juiceRoom with a view...Sorted, ready for re-usePortraitA homeless sleeperWhere we workMetal worker on the street in MumbaiCrippled WheelchairSchools outProtected by barsBright colorsPipe issueState Central LibraryLittle oneThinking about something elseHappy KidsI like red said the cab driverMy bedCrippled WheelchairSchools outMetal worker on the street in MumbaiUntitledA place to relaxWashingFestiveGreen leavesA stationMetal worker on the street in MumbaiThe KidsThe gameLittle TaxiEalsWelcome to the other areaSlicing itHappy KidsCrippled WheelchairKids EyesOn the streetPopular bikesAt the barber shopIt's everywherePortraitBuildingIndian BakeryAll day longMaybeHouseCorrectingSheen?!Final productGoing homeWelcome to the other areaPlaygroundHouseKilling timeUntitledI want one!ChaiStorage spaceSure it's hotSuper CarAlmost ready for a productOn the streetPortraitVegetable MarketHandmadeThe green roomShoppingProtected by barsStorage spaceEverything has a placeMaking new tubesHappy KidsI want one!Fixing thingsWashingCommutingSowingTaking ordersProtected by barsWhere it also ends upWe all need a placeOur jeansUntitledAt workA shop and a cowSortingMumbai HousingMen a SleepToday it's OrangeThe other sideIndian HagglingExtreme RecyclingSuger!!Coming backSortingIndian CabT.I.S.S.It's on TVPerfectStreet lifeThe husbandSortingHappyStorage spaceMen a SleepRecyclingPepperssss!UntitledBe a Corporator - Change Mumbai, Save MumbaiA crossingUntitledHouseSkinsDecayIndian Sewing ShopBarred upBurned downNo tableMy jobColorfulTransporting goodsFunky GlassesWoodworkersGoods CarrierMaybeSortersDecayComing backUpstairsMetal worker on the street in MumbaiStorage spaceUntitledPepperssss!CommutingSlicing itProtected by barsT.I.S.S.In need

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Henny Boogert (1962) began in 1983 with his specialization in photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Many years and photos later he now targets corporate, estate and virtual tours photography. Henny Boogert is a certified Google Business Photo photographer.

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