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Wim Hof - The Iceman
Wim Hof swimming in Iceland’s cold waters.Wim Hof swimming in the waters of Iceland.Wim Hof swimming under ice.Wim Hof undergoing medical tests about his special abilities to withstand extreme cold and heat.Wim Hof meditating in Iceland.  More photos from this shoot: Hof swimming in Iceland’s cold waters.Wim Hof in his younger years. Training at Spaarnwoude, Netherlands.Wim Hof training in Iceland.Wim Hof in his younger years, bungee jumping.Wim Hof undergoing medical tests on why he can stay under ice for such inhuman periods.Wim Hof training in Iceland.Wim Hof shaking hands while submerged in freezing cold water. #PlusPhotoExtractWim Hof swimming under ice.Wim Hof the iceman at the medical university in Duluth in VS, 2008 January.Wim Hof submerged in an ice hole.Wim Hof training in the Pyrenees.Wim Hof training in Iceland.Wim Hof taking it easy after a swim under the ice.Wim Hof is The Iceman.Wim Hof submerged in ice at an event in New York.Wim Hof getting warmed up again after a swim in Iceland’s waters.Wim Hof jumping out of an ice hole, photo was taken in 2000. #PlusPhotoExtractWim Hof meditating in Iceland, preparing for a dive into the extremely cold water.Wim Hof standing under a big waterfall.Wim Hof aka The Iceman training in somewhere in the Netherlands.Wim Hof going for a Guinness World Record swimming under the ice, he did 80 metres.  'The first big challenge was to swim a distance of 60 metres under an ice-deck of a metre thick beyond the Polar Circle,' he revealed. 'My goggles froze and I lost the track and so I went off course a little. I probably did the best record ever - around 80 metres.  'I missed the 60 metre hole and must have swam double the distance before a diver gripped my almost unconscious body, and drew me back to the 60 metre hole.'  Video of the whole process: Furthest Under Ice SwimWim Hof taking a dive in a self made ice hole somewhere in Holland.Wim Hof at a Qiqong session in Miami.Wim Hof standing in a box filled with ice at an event in the Netherlands.Wim Hof training at the Mont Blanc.Wim Hof meditating in Iceland.

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